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Accurate, courteous, efficient. Trustworthy. Wu style Taiji ( Tai Chi ) Series Body Strengtheni 10/17/2023
Excellent communication, good honest transaction Traditional Yin Style Baguazhang series by Zhu Bao 10/29/2022
Great product, speedy delivery. Will use your service again. Thanks Chen Style Tai Chi Collection Series - Old Frame T 10/22/2022
my disks arrived much quicker than expected well packaged excellent content Wu-Dang Nei-Jia Night Traveler Sect Complete Set b 06/21/2022
Delivered quickly and excellent as always DW098-14 Combat Training for Special Technical Sol 05/20/2022
Very good service DT052-25 Chinese Medicine Massage Cures Diseases -, etc. 04/19/2022
A+++, very good seller. If you look for Kung Fu tutorials then chinoiserie2008 is the right one. Thx Wudang Songxi Style Secret Wushu routines - Snowfl, etc. 03/17/2022
Good service Chinese Kungfu Series International Wushu Competit 01/30/2022
Very reliable delivery, excellent DVDs as advertised. Great. Traditional martial art Huang Feihong Nan Quan Kun 12/05/2021
Good range of Chinese martial arts DVDs. DW134-16 Sun Lutang TaiChi Sun style Shape & Impre, etc. 12/21/2020
Fast delivery Kong Chi Keung's Wing Chun Quan Yong Chun - Wooden 05/01/2020