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Great job! Thank you very much! :) Paw Paw Tree 3-4' Feet (1 Plant) 04/04/2024
WOULD BUY AGAIN Bluets (1 Plant) 08/15/2023
No communication. No shipment notification. The 3' to 4' tree turned out to be a little over 2'. Black Willow Tree 3-4' Feet (1 Plant) 07/29/2023
Quick, easy process & receipt. Thanks. 10 Seeds Sunshine Tomato Seeds - Huge Low Acid edl 04/13/2023
VERY POOR. They sent the wrong seeds. 1000 Red TURKISH POPPY Heirloom Papaver Somniferum 02/17/2023
Shipped quickly which was much appreciated as it was for a gift! 4" Pot Abromeitiella Brevifolia (Rare succulent gr 12/18/2022
Ordered July 31st and have not received as of August 18th. Pansy Seeds, Halloween Pansies 2 Pack Special, Hei 08/18/2022
Very nice and healthy redwood, DAWN TREE RED WOOD, 55 SEEDS! 07/26/2022
Havent heard or seen anything for weeks after my order was placed Anyone home??????? rockcress, PURPLE flower, perennial, 385 SEEDS! 05/31/2022
Easy to use, simple and quick 20+ Dinner Plate Dahlia Mix / Bi-Color and Solid / 05/25/2022
I stated "Do not substitute "; you substituted Salmon Splash". I want a refund. Please advise. Impatiens Super Elfin Series Apricot Seed 05/23/2022
Fast service! 10 Seeds FOUQUIERIA COLUMNARIS boojum tree cirio o 05/21/2022
They were wrapped so there was no harm to the plants and planting instructions were very clear. Phaius tancarrvilleae NUNS ORCHID! Seeds 02/27/2022
Good and prompt service from seller. Would be an enhancement with planting and care instructions. Tetrapanax papyrifera STEROIDAL GIANT Seeds! 02/01/2022
Sold me seed that was not available. online purchase, increasing my risk, no reward, 30 Seeds Hardy Bigflower Cinquefoil 'Potentilla Fi 12/10/2021
150 Seeds Lady Cream pea AKA: Lady Finger Pea, Ric 09/25/2021
I have not yet received my this unusual? Clerodendron trichotomum HARLEQUIN GLORYBOWER Seed 09/17/2021
After 4 weeks only 5 seeds of species ordered arrived not the advertised 10. Shipped from Russia. Purira Pepper Seeds! This plant gets Loads of pepp 06/13/2021
Received the seeds in a fairly timely manner nice vendor I did communicate with them 10 COMMON SNOWBERRY - WHITE Berries Pink Flowers S 06/01/2021
Listing said 5 tubers. I received 1. Dioscorea batatas CHINESE YAM Small Tubers! 05/19/2021
Misleading description. Uncommunicative seller. Overpriced product. Did not receive what I expected. White Sage Hard to Find 04/19/2021
Thank you for the seeds. They look healthy pepper, ANAHEIM HOT CHILE PEPPER, 150 seeds! 04/05/2021
How do you sell things you don’t even have? 50 Seeds Petunia Candypops Orange Pelleted Petunia 03/24/2021
You shorted me 5 seeds! Only gave me 35 seeds. Contacting customer service. surprised I counted? Flower Seed: 40 Seeds Wizard Rose Coleus - Fresh S 02/10/2021
Fast shipping, seeds appear to be in good condition Cupressus arizonica glabra BLUE ICE CYPRESS Seeds! 12/13/2020
NEVER AGAIN! It took well over a month to receive the plant which of course was completely dead. Tetrapanax papyrifera STEROIDAL GIANT Seeds! 12/01/2020
Will now need to wait until summer to see exactly what these seeds will grow. Christmas in fall. Warty Goblin Pumpkin Seeds! ! SEE MY STORE FOR RAR 11/19/2020
Everything went very smoothly 10 SEEDS RARE LIGNUM VITAE GUAIACUM SANCTUM (Exoti 09/14/2020
Rec'd 12 seeds Aug5, planted in pots, full sun, covered at night, kept moist. No plants. Refund, pls Gypsophila paniculata BABY'S BREATH Seeds! 08/24/2020
Hope they're good, Thanks 5 PISTACHIO NUT TREE Pistacia Vera Fruit Red Flowe 06/18/2020
Arrived fast .good product 200 CACTI MIX- Seed, A very diverse assortment of 06/17/2020
Easy to work with. 40+ MELTEN FIRE POTENTILLA NEPALENSIS FLOWER SEED , etc. 06/12/2020
I am so thankful that my order went very easy and been looking for this product for along time 30 Trinidad Pimento Pepper Seeds a.K.a.Seasoning 06/05/2020
Seeds arrived promptly. Too early to tell if they'll sprout... Ageratum Hawaii Series Blue Annual Seeds 06/02/2020
Item wasn’t available d/t pandemic. They issued a prompt refund. A+ 150 Seeds Lady Cream pea AKA: Lady Finger Pea, Ric 05/30/2020
good 300 Pansy Seeds - Viola Swiss Giant RED - No garde 05/26/2020
Easy purchase and quick shipping! 50 Seeds State Half Runner Green Bean Seeds 05/25/2020
Positive experience. Reasonable price fast delivery. Quick response with questions. Would recommend Chamaecyparis nootkatensis Pendula CYPRESS Seeds! 05/25/2020
I haven't received my order. I requested tracking details from the seller who has not responded. 25 Seeds Japanese Long Burpless Cucumber Seeds 05/19/2020
Haven’t received my order Rare Snow White Climbing Rose! 15 Seeds! 05/15/2020
Not available. That's fine. Thanks for your timely response. Crenshaw Melon (Cucumis melo) 100 seeds *Non GMO F 05/14/2020
I received the seeds today, but I was so disappointed. I cannot receive this. I wanna return. Kalopanax septemlobus ARALIA TREE Seeds! 05/11/2020
I haven’t received them yet?? 25 Seeds Kung Pao Asian Pepper Seeds 05/11/2020
Nice site. joe pye weed PINK flower, ATTRACTS BUTTERFLIES, 12 05/05/2020
Thank you. Not sure why this is all necessary but I'm glad you had kidney beans for me to grow. RED KIDNEY BEANS! GREAT TASTING AND EASY TO GROW! , etc. 04/29/2020
I PD $50. for a 5 lb. bag of potatoes. They we moldy, soft and growing. Sent a message-no response. French Fingerling Potato (5 lb tubers), rose pink 04/22/2020
My shopping experience with this is good. The site is user friendly I recommend it. 10 Seeds Hot Cherry Bomb Pepper! VERY UNIQUE PEPPE 11/23/2019
Mdse. came thru a 2nd and 3rd party who has no contact information available, i'm out $20 50 ROMANO POLE BEAN Italian Flat Green Pod Phaseol 11/20/2019
Great seller, quick and easy! CRIMSON GLORY VINE (Vitis coignetiae) 10 Seeds - 10/30/2019
I didn’t want seeds. Sent email to return but owner never sent info to do so. 100 Scotch TRUE HEATHER Shrub Scot's Purple Pink F 09/12/2019
I have not received the seeds! I will continue to wait. 20 Jamaican Sorrel Seeds, AKA Florida Cranberry ,I 09/05/2019
Wonderful! Fast shipping. 10 MARIPOSA LILY MIX Calochortus Macrocarpus Pink 08/09/2019
Seems fine thanks. Will know more when I plant them and they bloom! 20 MEADOW CRANESBILL / GERANIUM Pratense Blue Viol 08/07/2019
Prompt delivery - I hope the seeds grow! 50 WHITE ZULU PRINCE CAPE DAISY Venidium Flower Se 08/07/2019
Arrived intact sealed small paper packet, just right. Thank you. Flower Seed: 25 Seeds House Hybrid Mix Scabiosa - 07/30/2019
I received my seeds in a timely way. Looking forward to seeing more of these flowers in my garden! rose campion, SUN PERENNIAL! pink flower 150 seed 07/19/2019
Fast shipping. Seeds look to be fresh. Just planted them and time will tell if they are viable. Sequoiadendron PENDULA WEEPING GIANT SEQUOIA Seeds 07/15/2019
Package arrived fine but seeds planted mid June have not sprouted. Very sad! Flower Seed: 10 Seeds Disco Belle Hibiscus Fresh S 07/05/2019
I was pleased with product and vendor. 10 GUAM BOONIES (DONIE SALI) Pepper Seeds (C.frute 06/25/2019
$13.96 for 5 seeds and none of them germinated. I've bought cheap seeds with better results. Fail... Agave salmiana ferox HUGE HARDY AGAVE Exotic SEEDS 06/22/2019
Got them, thank you 20 Skullcap Herb Seeds (Scutellaria Baicalensis Si 06/16/2019
every seed produce a beautiful bean plant! 50 ROMANO POLE BEAN Italian Flat Green Pod Phaseol 06/15/2019
No instructions on how to grow these few seeds and shipping seemed slow! Farfugium japonicum Gigantea GIANT LEOPARD PLANT - 06/14/2019
Nice. Humulus lupulus TETTNANG HOPS Vine Seeds! 06/10/2019
The order process was fine. Quality of merchandise to be determined later. Sesbania punicea RED WISTERIA Red - Orange flowers 06/07/2019
Received promptly and in good shape. 20 SWEET CICELY Myrrhis Odorata Flower Herb Seeds 05/24/2019
I have not received any shipment confirmation for the seller. Sweet Pepper "Aji Dulce # 2"-(20 Seeds)Venezuelan 05/23/2019
Seed look good. 1/4 Lb Zipper Cream Pea Seeds, Easy hand shelling. 05/22/2019
I got the items Miscanthus floridus GIANT MAIDEN GRASS Seeds! 05/21/2019
Good Seller. Package arrived in good order. I’d buy from this company with confidence. 50 Pink DOG BRIER ROSE Bush Rosa Canina Victory Ga 05/21/2019
easy to order 50 ROMANO POLE BEAN Italian Flat Green Pod Phaseol 05/20/2019
Good price, packed well. Just hope I get them to sprout. thank you! Opuntia robusta HARDY GIANT PRICKLY PEAR CACTUS Se 05/15/2019
Worst possible experience. Didn't like the purchase. Could not get a vendor response after 2 email Senecio confusus MEXICAN FLAME VINE Seeds! 05/14/2019
need product origin, sent from and arrival time. 10 Michelia yunnanensis seeds * Very Fragrant * Sh 04/19/2019
Ok 10 TEXAS MOUNTAIN LAUREL Sophora Secundiflora Mesc 04/11/2019
Quick delivery!!!! 100 Pigeon Pea Seeds!! Very Beautiful & Tasty! (RA 04/11/2019
Arrived quickly and seeds are successfully sprouting. Thanks! 25 CASCABEL Hot pepper Seeds,aka Rattle chili,Grea 04/08/2019
Easy to order.very positive interaction SEA MOSS (RAW) 2 lb - NATURAL IRISH MOSS ,CHONDRU 04/05/2019
My order not complete , paid $23.12 for 100 seed received only 25 seed. 25 Seeds Texas Longhorn Okra -- HUGE SOFT PODS!! & 04/04/2019
Thanks Yellow Jubilee Tomato 150 seeds * Non GMO * ez gro 03/20/2019
Don’t be afraid to order from these folks, They treat you right 1/4 Lb Zipper Cream Pea Seeds, Easy hand shelling. 03/18/2019
fast shipping and arrived in great condition, I can't wait to get them in the ground . 30 ONION Set - (Amaryllidaceae Allium cepa) classi 03/16/2019
Package received damaged from Seedwell USA

Seller's reply: Hello! Could you please email us at We'll try our best to resolve this issue. Thank you!
Seeds planted. No growth yet. Contact two months later. 100 BLACK CHERRY TOMATO SEEDS - first truly black 03/01/2019
I just received my seeds although it was 15 days after I ordered them. primrose, evening showy, PINK flower, 1200 SEEDS! 02/22/2019
My package from CaribbeanGarden was prompt and well packaged. Dianthus, Rainbow Loveliness Mix (2000 Flowers See 02/13/2019
Planted them. Deschampsia Cespitosa (1000 Seeds), 'Pixie Fountai, etc. 02/10/2019
Very fast delivery! VARIEGATED Chinese Aralia elata 'Variegata' SEEDS 01/15/2019
I was expecting frozen cream peas. I didn’t know I was ordering cream peas to plant. 100 Lady Cream pea AKA: Lady Finger Pea, Rice Pea, 01/11/2019
i have not recieve anything yet, is been to long Rocoto Pepper AKA Red Manzano (30 Seeds) Can live 01/08/2019
Product arrived packaged well and with detailed instructions. 35+ Crape Myrtle Tree Seeds / Perennial / Purple 12/27/2018
Have not planted seeds 30 Aji Amarillo-Peruvian Yellow,Pepper Seeds ,Use 12/27/2018
seeds arrived Liveseeds - Komodo Dragon Chilli 10 SEEDS 12/23/2018
Send me my aji amarillo please 30 Aji Amarillo-Peruvian Yellow,Pepper Seeds ,Use 12/14/2018
Great service! 10 CITRINE LILY Yellow TIGER Lilium Henryi Citrinu 12/06/2018
I have now ordered twice and have not been disappointed. Thank you for having all the herbs I want!! 5000 Broad Leaf Thyme AKA Cuban Oregano, Spanish t 11/01/2018
Better than some! Cercis chinensis CHINESE REDBUD Tree Seeds! 10/21/2018
Still haven’t received my order. Contacted seller 2 days ago for status and no response.

Seller's reply: We're really sorry for what happened. Checked our inbox there's no e-mail from you. Pls contact we will try our best to resolve
100 Aster Seeds - Pompon Blue Moon -flowers - Whit 10/06/2018
Excellent seller received bulbs on time. Bulbs are very healthy. I am very pleased Thank you! Margarita‑Double (10 Tulip Bulbs) Excellent for 09/30/2018
Super seller! My order arrived and the bulbs are nice and healthy. Hopefully I can order more thanks Margarita‑Double (10 Tulip Bulbs) Excellent for 09/14/2018
Quick delivery 30+ LILY OF THE VALLEY TREE SEEDS, SOURWOOD TREE, 09/14/2018
Great service Coreopsis tripteris, (Tall Coreopsis) Tickseed,200, etc. 09/07/2018
Seeds delivered quickly...missing one packet, but seller sent them immediately to resolve the issue. 100 sedum "Dragon's Blood" Ghost Plant,Finger Aloe, etc. 09/03/2018
Great products quick service 100 Lady Cream pea AKA: Lady Finger Pea, Rice Pea, 08/31/2018
Nice seed, excellence quality Cucumber "Armenian Yard long" ( 100 SEEDS) Burples 08/29/2018
Thanks Colorado Blue Spruce Tree - Evergreen Conifer Root 08/14/2018
Super customer service. Thank you so much. 10 HEDGE APPLE Osage Orange Horse Apple Monkey Bal 07/29/2018
I was well pleased with the ordering and timely matter in which I received my merchandise. Double Balsam Camellia Mix 1000 seeds * Easy Grow 07/24/2018
easy and concise 25 Tulip Bulbs"Calgar" Extremely short, Great for 07/18/2018
Excellent service. My wife has been looking for this seeds for some time. Was an excellent gift. Cuban oregano Herb 1000 Seeds,Spanish thyme,Oregan 07/12/2018
So excited to get my seeds! Can’t wait to see how they do! Thanks for the great service! Shishito Pepper (50 Seeds) A.K.a Wrinkled Old Man, 06/25/2018
nice and healthy trees Lilac Ivory Silk Japanese Tree - Flowering Shrub R 06/11/2018
I received my order timely and in good shape.thanks! Firecracker Flower,Dichelostemma Ida-Maia ,(10 Bul 05/30/2018
The trees were much better than I expected. Delivery was very quick! Ohio Buckeye Tree - Shade Tree Healthy Live 1½ yr 05/28/2018
The invoice staff cause me to question the professionalism of the company .. Shadiness ... smh 100 Lady Cream pea AKA: Lady Finger Pea, Rice Pea, 05/23/2018
1 out of 5 bulbs appears to be rotten, but I believe it's an honest mistake. This is a good deal overall. Narcissus 'Chinese Sacred Lily' (5 Bulbs) -Tazetta 05/22/2018
Great. 7 Piece Dr Seuss Cookie Cutter Set Floppy Hat Fish 02/24/2018