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Item was as expected and shipped in a timely manner. Thank you Merano Trombone Carrying Case 02/04/2018
Not bad, shoulder rest is not the one on picture, pink paint made by a 3yo child, delivery problem. Merano 1/8 Size Pink Violin with Matching Color Bo 01/15/2018
I am pleased with everything. I am waiting for the item I ordered to arrive. Merano 1/2 Size Gold Acoustic Violin,Case,Bow+Rosi 01/04/2018
Supposed to have been wood tone and very difficult to install bridge then tune. Merano 4/4 Size Red Upright Double Bass with Bag,B 12/09/2017
it was here really fast pretty my down syndrome son wanted from santa and will now get it .thanks. WD415BL B Flat Blue Trumpet with Case 12/07/2017
Fantastic experience. Never used platform before & ordered violin instead of viola. Rugeri = AMAZING Crystalcello MA100PR 13 inch PURPLE Viola with Cas 09/17/2017
Absolutely the best company I have felt with in a long time. They are amazing at customer service. Merano B Flat Green Brass Pocket Trumpet,Case+Mout 06/07/2017
5 out of 5 stars! Thanks for your fine customer service. I'll be back for more shopping. Merano 1/10 Size Cello String 05/18/2017
Very Nice! So surprised everything was nicer than I expected Merano 1/32 Size Acoustic Student Violin with Hard 05/16/2017
No instructions.Bridge had to be installed.Watched youtube videos. Bridge on. No longer fits in case Merano 1/4 Size Red Upright Double Bass with Bag,B 05/07/2017
So happy with my purchase. The transaction was simple, quick and pretty perfect! Thank you!!! Merano 4/4 Size Purple Acoustic Violin,Case,Bow+Ro 04/08/2017
Communication with seller and shipping was super fast! Instrument was in excellent condition! THNX! MERANO E Flat BLUE Alto Saxophone with Case and Ac 01/07/2017
Perfect 1/4 Size Pink Acoustic Violin,Pink Bow+Case+Bridge 12/21/2016
Great quality product, very quick delivery 1/8 Size Pink Acoustic Violin,Case,Bow+Rosin+Extra 12/12/2016
No issues! thank you MERANO WD480BL B Flat Blue Pocket Trumpet with Cas 11/09/2016
This violin is good for decoration, NOT good for playing. Delivery was prompt, though. 4/4 Size Purple Acoustic Violin,Purple Bow+Case+Br 11/08/2016
Im Svetlana, I got a violin here and it was so bad that I had to buy a new one. I was disappointed. Merano 3/4 Size Violin,Case,Bow+Rosin+2 Sets Strin 11/04/2016
Great experience throughout and the bass is incredible and flawless. Exceeded expectations and more. Crystalcello MB100 1/8 Size Upright Bass with Bag 10/30/2016
Very quick shipping and quality for the price. Thanks so much!!! Crystalcello MA100PK 12 inch PINK Viola with Case 10/07/2016
This is our second time ordering from the company. Fast delivery! Great product! 1/4 Size Pink Acoustic Violin,Case,Bow+Rosin+2 Set 10/06/2016
Delivered timely and in great shape. Would order from then again. 4/4 Size Purple Violin,Purple Bow,Case+Rosin+2Sets 09/16/2016
This viola has violin strings and and it's not real I what to return this viola Crystalcello MA350 16.5 inch Boxwood Viola with Ca 09/01/2016
Impossible to actually tune and sound is crap. Nothing more then an expensive wall decoration now. Rugeri 1/10 Size Red Violin+Case+Bow+2 Sets String 08/02/2016
Great price, great product, prompt delivery, im completely satisfied Merano 4/4 (Full) Size Acoustic Student Violin wit 07/18/2016
Very good for the price. Thank you Merano 13" Acoustic Student Viola,Case,Bow+Rosin+2 07/04/2016
The violin itself looks nice, but there's no rosin included and the tuning peg for E doesn't work. Crystalcello MV300GD 3/4 Size Gold Violin with Cas 05/18/2016
nice violin Merano 4/4 (Full) Size Acoustic Student Violin wit 05/13/2016
The violin looks nice and sounds good. I'll be happy learning to play on this brand of violin Merano 4/4 (Full) Size Acoustic Student Violin wit 05/09/2016
Violin quality was somewhat disappointing. But, as a seller, rugeri was prompt and polite. Merano 4/4 (Full) Size Acoustic Student Violin wit 05/07/2016
The saxophone was shipped with a broken octave vent as well as a couple loose screws. Merano B Flat BLACK / GOLD Tenor Saxophone with H 03/29/2016
G string was apparently wound too tight and broke when bridge was adjusted Merano 4/4 (Full) Size Acoustic Student Violin wit 12/25/2015
Was happy with product and arrived in time. 4/4 Size Natural Acoustic Violin,Case,Bow+Rosin+Ex 12/18/2015
Everything went super smooth. The violin is beautiful. I cannot wait to gift it tomydaughter. Merano 4/4 (Full) Size Acoustic Student Violin wit 12/02/2015
It was delivered safely and promptly, excellent service!! Thank you again... Merano 3/4 Size Black Acoustic Violin,Case,Bow+Ros 11/23/2015
Awesome, product is quality for its price, had it 3 days after i ordered. Merano 4/4 (Full) Size Acoustic Student Violin wit 11/21/2015
Excellent quality and great customer service. Will go thru them again in the future! MERANO WD415 B Flat Gold Trumpet with Case 09/30/2015
No communication but super fast shipping. Thank you. Merano 3/4 Size PINK Cello Bow for Beginner,Studen 09/29/2015
Merano B Flat Green Trumpet with Case+Mouth Piece+ 09/25/2015
Very nice Clarinet, and it came right on time! MERANO B Flat PINK Clarinet with Zippered Carrying 09/24/2015
Item was as described and arrived in a timely manner. Would do business with this seller again. Merano B Flat Silver Trumpet,Case+Mouth Piece+Valv 09/07/2015
Bow was poorly made, a few strings came loose immediatly, and two violin strings dont tighten well.. 4/4 Size Pink Violin,Pink Bow,Case+Rosin+2Sets of 08/24/2015
Wonderful communication, and extremely fast shipping! Merano 4/4 Size Blue Cello, Hard Case,Soft Bag,Bow 08/23/2015
This seller was very responsive and easy to communicate with as well as accommodating. Thank you. Merano 1/16 Size Acoustic Student Violin with Hard 06/08/2015
Very pleased. Bridge was not too much outta place and tuning's not a problem after constant retuning Merano 4/4 (Full) Size Acoustic Student Violin wit 04/24/2015
it was precise and quick no problems smooth transaction MERANO BLUE LACQUER PLATED TRUMPET WITH CASE 02/16/2015
Correct Item was shipped fast. I'm pleased with transaction. Merano 1/2 Size Violin Alloy Tailpiece with Gut 02/11/2015
The color was spot on but the quality was not as good as I had imagined Merano 4/4 Size Blue Violin,Case,2 Bows+Rosin+2 Se 01/28/2015
Got a faulty product. Strings won't tune, violin is not well put together, would like my money back. Merano 4/4 (Full) Size Acoustic Student Violin wit 01/20/2015
i returned it back and i am waiting the refund Merano B Flat Black Trumpet with Case+Mouth Piece+ 01/08/2015
Good condition. Merano 4/4 (Full) Size Acoustic Student Violin wit 01/05/2015
The soprano saxophone was not new at all this was a old junky piece of trash never ordering again MERANO B Flat Silver Soprano Saxophone with Case,M 01/04/2015
Case is really nice! Everything in great condition, nothing broken or missing. Thanks! Merano 4/4 (Full) Size Acoustic Student Violin wit 01/03/2015
I love the violin I chose but I don't know when it will be here. Anyway when will it be here Crystalcello MV300GR 4/4 Size Green Violin with Ca 12/22/2014
EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!! They rushed the shipment for us, AND replaced a piece that broke. Merano 3/4 Size Acoustic Student Violin with Hard 12/11/2014
Just the right size. Works great. Merano 3/4 Size Acoustic Student Violin with Hard 11/30/2014
Super fast shipment! Everything went great and received on time and exactly as ordered. Thanks! Merano 1/4 Size Acoustic Red Violin with Hard Case 11/09/2014
Received 1/4 cello in great shape. Delivery in a week. Bow and rosin too. Soft case cheaply made. Rugeri MC100 1/4 Size Cello with Carrying Bag 10/08/2014
I absolutely loved it! Thanks Merano 1/2 Size Red Violin with Matching Color Bow 10/01/2014
Thanks but the case look like a suit case to be honest MERANO WD415 B Flat Gold Trumpet with Case 09/11/2014
we are very happy with our order, it was slightly different than the photo displayed but works well MERANO BLACK Bugle 06/25/2014
inexpensive and fast delivery. buying new bows for my toddlers is cheaper than rehairing the others. On Sale BW100 1/16 Size Student Wood Stick Violin 06/11/2014
Quick and easy Merano BW100B 4/4 Size Rosewood Double Bass Bow 06/02/2014
great Merano BW200BG 3/4 Size Ebony Double Bass Bow 05/27/2014
It was easy, efficient, and the delivery was quick. MERANO GOLD LACQUER PLATED TRUMPET WITH CASE 04/20/2014
Good quality. good condition MERANO BLACK LACQUER PLATED TRUMPET WITH CASE 02/24/2014
Item as described. Guaranteed to arrive by 12/24 and it did Would buy from this seller again A+++ Merano 4/4 (Full) Size Acoustic Student Violin wit 12/29/2013
Came in great shape, would defiantly order from them again! Crystalcello MV100 1/2 Size Solid Violin with Case 02/18/2013
fast delivery Crystalcello MA100GD 15 inch GOLD Viola with Case 12/20/2012
good price and arrived as promised Crystalcello MA100 13 inch Viola with Case and Bow 10/02/2012
works good for the price. Crystalcello MC100DBL 4/4 Size Blue Cello with Ca 06/25/2012
Product as advertised MERANO WD480BL B Flat Blue Pocket Trumpet with Cas 01/14/2012
great seller, great instrument, i will buy from seller shipping MERANO WD415BK B Flat Black Trumpet with Case 01/13/2012
I want my refund!! I want my refund!! MERANO WD480RD B Flat Red Pocket Trumpet with Case 01/06/2012
I placed my order and never received a delivery date! Crystalcello MC500 4/4 Size Oil Varnished Flamed O 11/02/2011
service was great Merano Chrometic C-C Pitch Pipe with Case 10/21/2011
I was very impressed on quickly I rc'd the item. Merano Chrometic C-C Pitch Pipe with Case 09/15/2011