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Great seller. Good and clear communication. Great price and careful delivery. The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth Ganda 08/12/2023
Excellent service! I'll putting in another order very soon! War of the Spark Ilharg, the Raze-Boar, etc. 06/12/2023
Excellent service - quick despatch and well-packed cards Innistrad Midnight Hunt Brutal Cathar // Moonrage 05/27/2023
Great packaging and fast delivery times Foil Magic 2020 (M20) Leyline of Sanctity 05/23/2023
Great cards, shipped quickly. Thank you! Jumpstart 2022 Alandra, Sky Dreamer, etc. 05/01/2023
Came as advertised, well packed and a good price. Many thanks, highly reccomend Magic 2019 (M19) Goblin Trashmaster 04/18/2023
Everything went really good!! Kaladesh Animation Module 03/26/2023
Arrived in lovely condition, faster than I expected! Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Boseiju, Who Endures (Borde 03/25/2023
Shipment was fast and the items were as described. Very happy with the purchase! Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Reckless Stormseeker // S, etc. 03/16/2023
Item arrived quickly, and in good condition. Would buy from again. Many thanks. Battle for Baldur's Gate Planeswalker Tasha, the W 03/08/2023
Product exactly as described. Promptly delivered, pleasure to deal with. Foil Kaldheim Birgi, God of Storytelling // Harnfe, etc. 01/27/2023
Posted item that seller did not have. DC Heroclix Hal Jordan and Sinestro #052 w/card (S 01/02/2023
Fast delivery 5 x Foil Innistrad Midnight Hunt Full Art Swamp 27 12/27/2022
Good communication, careful packaging, AND a nice little extra. Well recommended!!! Throne of Eldraine Torbran, Thane of Red Fell, etc. 12/15/2022
Super fast 10/10 service Modern Horizons Unbound Flourishing (The List) 10/03/2022
Good expereince with this seller 5 x Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Mountain 300 (JP Full A, etc. 08/30/2022
No problems Innistrad: Crimson Vow Toxrill, the Corrosive (Sho 07/06/2022
Was sceptical when I bought, never used site before, very happy with my purchase definatly use again Magic 2020 (M20) Gargos, Vicious Watcher, etc. 03/30/2022
Seller delivered item in good time and good condition. Modern Horizon 2 Urza's Saga 03/18/2022
Well packaged. Mirrodin Besieged Hero of Bladehold 03/15/2022
All cards received, as described. Great seller. Thanks! ☀️ 4 x Magic 2014 (M14) Giant Growth (playset), etc. 03/07/2022
Was polite Khans of Tarkir Hardened Scales 03/01/2022
I never received my order 4 x Battle for Zendikar Retreat to Coralhelm (play 02/09/2022
Beautiful card. Arrived in reasonable time. Jumpstart Kira, Great Glass-Spinner 01/25/2022
Excellent service ! Highly recommend ! Throne of Eldraine Castle Vantress, etc. 01/11/2022
been over a month and still haven't arrived yet. Foil Fabled Passage (Retro Frame) 12/13/2021
Ordered from Australia, took a little longer than seller anticipated but arrived in good order. A+ 10 x Hour of Devastation Full Art Island 186, etc. 11/10/2021
Good deal 10 x Amonkhet Full Art Plains 250, etc. 10/03/2021
Very prompt shipping Modern Horizons Planeswalker Wrenn and Six 08/21/2021
Perfect condition item, well packaged. 4 x Dark Ascension Young Wolf (playset) 08/09/2021
Card was as advertised and made it to its destination on time. Iconic Masters Mishra's Bauble (Not Mystery Booste 06/28/2021
Quick delivery, good pricing Zendikar Rising Scute Swarm, etc. 05/25/2021
Excellent card. Shipped safe. Very happy Magic 2020 (M20) Mystic Forge 05/14/2021
Very good quality, thank you! Hour of Devastation Overwhelming Splendor 05/10/2021
2.5 weeks havn't received the card nor any shipping details? Commander Legends Sakashima of a Thousand Faces 05/06/2021
Thank you for the quick shipment. Rivals of Ixalan Brass's Bounty 04/30/2021
Prompt responses to messages. Product arrived as ordered. Shadows over Innistrad Cryptolith Rite 04/28/2021
Excellent seller, have ordered a few times now and always well packaged and fast shipping!!! Foil Dominaria Karn's Temporal Sundering, etc. 01/19/2021
Very happy with the cards, they even included a rare that I could use! Magic 2020 (M20) Scheming Symmetry 11/12/2020
Received cards in a timely fashion, as described and at a good price. A+ seller 4 x Throne of Eldraine Drown in the Loch (playset) 10/29/2020
Thanks! Magic 2020 (M20) Golos, Tireless Pilgrim 10/10/2020
I am happy that i obtained my order and appreciate the booster that came with it Jumpstart Tinybones, Trinket Thief 08/31/2020
Great deal great customer service Star Trek Heroclix U.S.S. Equinox #004 w/ Card 07/13/2020
How can i check or track where my package is? or can you keep me updated on it? Ravnica Allegiance Hydroid Krasis 06/22/2020
Its been over a week and i have not gotten the game PS2 ATV Offroad Fury 3 w/Manual 06/19/2020
Great seller, item arrived quick and as described Ixalan Primal Amulet 06/12/2020
Arrived promptly very happy 4x Magic 2019 Leonin Vanguard (playset), etc. 02/28/2020
Fast shipping, item was as described. Oath of the Gatewatch Inverter of Truth 02/16/2020
My order arrived quickly. However, I did not receive 2x Fry and 1x Bonecrusher Giant // Stomp. 4x Dominaria Ghitu Lavarunner (playset), etc. 11/28/2019
The cards arrived in a timely manner, and were priced very reasonably. Very happy with my purchase. 4x Hour of Devastation Ramunap Ruins (playset), etc. 11/19/2019
great Throne of Eldraine Gilded Goose, etc. 11/13/2019
Arrived on time, packaged well, condition accurate (NM, 2016 card) Kaladesh Aetherworks Marvel 10/31/2019
No reply to emails requesting updates on extremely late delivery. Not happy

Seller's reply: Refund was sent with reason. informed her about the refund in her first 2 emails didn't respond to 3rd email.
Magic 2020 Knight of the Ebon Legion 10/30/2019
Fast response to queries about orders. 4x Guilds of Ravnica Sinister Sabotage (playset), etc. 09/16/2019
Excellent price. Quick to post. Good seller Magic 2020 Omnath, Locus of the Roil 08/05/2019
Exactly what I was looking for! Ravnica Allegiance Smothering Tithe, etc. 07/30/2019
I got exactly what I wanted for a great price. Guilds of Ravnica Chromatic Lantern 07/06/2019
Arrived and was as described would buy from this seller again A+ War of the Spark Karn, the Great Creator 06/04/2019
Very Good eBayer recommended, thank you for your support! 4x Magic 2019 Reliquary Tower (playset) 05/23/2019
Nice Transaction, excellent seller! Marvel Heroclix Brothers Grimm #007 w/ Card (Commo, etc. 05/03/2019
Quick service, mint cards 4x Rivals of Ixalan Merfolk Mistbinder (playset) 03/25/2019
Product arrived in a timely manner, well packed, great transaction. Dominaria Hinterland Harbor 12/31/2018
My son loves them. Great condition 4x Guilds of Ravnica Arboretum Elemental (playset) 12/26/2018
My son loves it. Great condition Theros Spear of Heliod 12/26/2018
Items recieved as ordered. Good peice and good ship time. Foil (sealed) Dominaria Sulfur Falls / Shanna, Sis 12/03/2018
The cards were adequately good as far as their condition and description. 4x Magic 2019 (M19) Shield Mare (playset) 11/23/2018
No problems, my card got here fast and protected. Kaladesh Kambal, Consul of Allocation 11/01/2018
Good condition, description accurate. 4x Magic 2019 (M19) Vine Mare (playset) 11/01/2018
Product received in great condition, thanks Iconic Masters Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite 09/30/2018
Excellent seller, item is exactly as described. Foil Rivals of Ixalan Negate 09/22/2018
AWESOME! Magic 2015 (M15) Planeswalker Garruk, Apex Predato 07/23/2018
I thought the order processing was slow, however they added cards to the order to make up for it. Kaladesh Concealed Courtyard 04/12/2018
Easy and good, would use again 4x Eldritch Moon Thermo-Alchemist (playset) 04/10/2018
A+ Theros Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx 03/28/2018
Sooner than I expected Iconic Masters Masters Ancestral Vision 03/14/2018
Fast delivery Amonkhet Hazoret the Fervent 02/20/2018
Great seller 4 x Scars of Mirrodin Carapace Forger (playset) 01/23/2018
Please add an approximate delivery time during checkout. Worldwake Quest for Ula's Temple 01/03/2018
Great! Would do business again. Good seller, A+. 4x Magic Origins Brawler's Plate (playset), etc. 12/25/2017
Fantastic packaging and really good prices. Thank you! 4x Dark Ascension Seance x4 (playset), etc. 12/05/2017
Cards were in perfect condition 4 x New Phyrexia Xenograft (playset) 09/21/2017
Cards were packed in thick protectors and arrived quickly and in great condition I r8 8/8 m8 4x Born of the Gods Retraction Helix (playset) 09/21/2017
Excellent service. Delivered on time and with good rates. Highly recommended. Aether Revolt Fatal Push 09/18/2017
Should be a great transaction as long as i get the promised cards in mint condition 4x Battle for Zendikar Retreat to Kazandu (playset 08/31/2017
All cards were perfect and I even got one free card it was great. 4x Battle for Zendikar Endless One (playset), etc. 08/24/2017
Everything great. Thanks! Khans of Tarkir Monastery Flock (Foil), etc. 08/17/2017
Thanks!!! Aether Revolt Walking Ballista 07/08/2017
A+ 4x Born of the Gods Vanguard of Brimaz (playset) 06/16/2017
A+ Theros Hundred-Handed One 06/16/2017
Cards received promptly, in beautiful condition. Will def buy again. Battle for Zendikar Gideon, Ally of Zendikar with 05/13/2017
Thank you very much Shadows over Innistrad Westvale Abbey 03/22/2017
Very happy with the purchase, received a special card that goes with Heliod when I hadnt paid for it Theros Heliod, God of the Sun 03/05/2017
Ty 4x Theros Gray Merchant of Asphodel (playset) 02/06/2017
Great items, shipped in a timely manner. Thanks! Dragon's Maze Beck // Call, etc. 01/17/2017
thank you! Theros Curse of the Swine, etc. 10/16/2016
Excellent, as always. Very highly recommended seller. Star Trek Heroclix 2nd Division Cruiser 15 #023 w/, etc. 10/07/2016
Ordered these few cards 12 days ago and still have yet to receive them. Not good business. 4x Khans of Tarkir Chief of the Edge (playset), etc. 08/21/2016
A shipping range of time would be nice. Everything came in good quality. Mythic Rare as my extra. 4 x Return to Ravnica Bellows Lizard (playset) 08/19/2016
I have not yet received my order. Theros Hythonia the Cruel 08/16/2016
thanks 4 x MTG Gatecrash Syndic of Tithes (Playset), etc. 08/03/2016
Items were shipped within a few days, in great condition, and even with a few freebies thrown in! Innistrad Angelic Overseer (Mythic), etc. 06/19/2016
Aces! Fast, Easy and great packaging. Thank you 4 x Return to Ravnica Goblin Rally (playset) 06/18/2016
this guy is amazing, great customer service, super responsive, added extra rare cards as a gift!thnx 4x Khans of Tarkir Become Immense (playset), etc. 05/25/2016
Fast shipping. Good prices. Would buy again. New Phyrexia Surgical Extraction, etc. 05/17/2016
Said they shipped it and tracking on ups said they delivered it but I never received anything 4x Oath of the Gatewatch Reckless Bushwhacker (pla 04/25/2016
everything went as it should and was as described. Worldwake Thada Adel, Acquisitor 03/26/2016
Great seller. The product was as described and arrived faster than similar items I ordered on ebay! Battle for Zendikar Cinder Glade 01/22/2016
Speedy delivery, carefully packaged and exactly what I ordered. Couldn't ask for anything else! 4 x Gatecrash Predator's Rapport (Playset), etc. 01/11/2016
The selection of MtG cards was amazing but shipping was a bit slow..overall though, 10/10. Foil Theros Scholar of Athreos, etc. 11/30/2015
Excellent customer service! Khans of Tarkir Bloodsoaked Champion (Foil) 11/16/2015
Merchant was very clear about when order will be shipped and the order arrived promptly. Magic Origins Lilana, Heretical Healer w/Emblem 08/20/2015
5 Stars, as usual! Magic Origins Goblin Piledriver, etc. 08/18/2015
Everything came in good shape. 4 x Theros Felhide Minotaur (playset), etc. 07/03/2015
Everything came fine. Foil Gatecrash Shadow Ally Denizen, etc. 06/23/2015
Perfect! Easily the best MTG seller on the Internet. Modern Masters 2015 Bitterblossom, etc. 06/16/2015
Thanks, great deal! Dragons of Tarkir Kolaghan's Command 06/15/2015
Shipping increased with quantity unnecessarily. Innistrad Gavony Township 06/15/2015
By far one of the best transactions I've ever had on the internet (aside from the USPS being slow). 5 x Scars of Mirrodin 1/1 Goblin Tokens, etc. 06/08/2015
The best Gatecrash Ogre Slumlord 05/14/2015
Came on time, good quality. Very happy. Would recommend to anyone. Innistrad Witchbane Orb 05/07/2015
Fast shipping, great condition, awesome free card with purchase. Very happy! Dragons of Tarkir Haven of the Spirit Dragon 04/21/2015
Came quick and well protected. Thank you. Fate Reforged Soulfire Grand Master 03/29/2015
Card was in good shape, arrived with multiple layers of protection, and took less time than expected Born of the Gods Phenax, God of Deception 03/24/2015
I can think of no higher praise than this: I would happily buy from this seller again! Magic the Gathering Worldwake Leatherback Baloth 03/13/2015
Quick delivery, everything as ordered - even threw in some extra cards! Innistrad Angelic Overseer (Mythic), etc. 02/13/2015
thank you so much Dark Ascension Thalia, Guardian of Thraben 02/02/2015
Just as described at a very reasonable price, thanks! Magic 2015 Hornet Queen 01/06/2015
Exactly what I bought came in fast. Love the free rare you guys send. Outstanding. Khans of Tarkir Windswept Heath, etc. 11/24/2014
Awesome service!!! 4x Theros Fanatic of Mogis (playset) 11/06/2014
Item was enclosed in plastic and came exactly as pictured. Thank you! 4 x Return to Ravnica Guttersnipe (playset) 09/30/2014
Great transaction. Timely delivery. Pleasure to buy. Journey into Nyx Eidolon of the Great Revel, etc. 09/27/2014
Very quick shipping and came in great condition. Very happy will buy from again. Theros (Foil promo) Bident of Thassa 09/06/2014
Cards arrived quickly and were in great shape - even got a few extras I didn't order! Great seller! Innistrad Bloodline Keeper, etc. 09/02/2014
Excellent once again. Recommended seller. Star Trek Heroclix I.K.S. Klothos #011 w/ Card, etc. 08/28/2014
Was a mistake in the order, but they fixed it free of cost and thew in a booster pack too. :) 4x Theros Phalanx Leader (playset), etc. 08/21/2014
Arrived in time and very securely packaged, and with the bonus rare cards makes them an awesome shop 4 x Magic 2013 Vampire Nighthawk (playset), etc. 08/13/2014
Excellent items, quick delivery and great packing - 10/10 Star Trek Heroclix U.S.S. Equinox #004 w/ Card, etc. 08/05/2014
Arrived 2 weeks after purchase (Good for Overseas) and cards were securely stored. Amazing Seller MTG Innistrad Parallel Lives, etc. 07/28/2014
100% Happy. 4x Theros Dark Betrayal (playset), etc. 07/08/2014
The shipment was quick and the packaging was good as well. It was a good transaction. Marvel Heroclix King Hyperion #041a w/ Card (Super 05/18/2014
came securely packed with great freebies, well worth the price Theros Temple of Silence, etc. 05/13/2014
Cards were mint, well packaged and arrived quickly! thanks RitterCollectables! *first order here=EZ! Return to Ravnica Blood Crypt, etc. 04/18/2014
Super quick and easy to deal with! Even had to change shipping address and no problems. Will be back 4 x Worldwake Treasure Hunt (playset), etc. 03/27/2014
Product was in great shape an shipped fast will be buying from him again Return to Ravnica Hallowed Fountain 02/12/2014
Fast shipping and great communication. 4x Theros Rageblood Shaman (playset) 02/05/2014
Everything was as expected Cards arrived undamaged and in great condition. No issues at all MTG Gatecrash Consuming Aberration 01/09/2014
Excellent prices, very fast shipping. Thanks! Foil Theros Dissolve, etc. 12/31/2013
The best service ever Theros Thoughtseize, etc. 12/29/2013
Great prices, very fast shipping. Thanks! Theros Thoughtseize, etc. 11/21/2013
Great price, very fast shipping AND bonus cards! Excellent Seller. Theros Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx 10/18/2013
fast service Star Trek Heroclix U.S.S. Montgolfier #017 w/ Card 09/09/2013
Fast service Star Trek Heroclix U.S.S. Prometheus #018 w/ Card 09/09/2013
Went smoothly Star Trek Heroclix U.S.S. Montgolfier #017 w/ Card 08/05/2013
Reasonable prices, fast delivery. Heroclix Spider-man #001c w/ Card (Common) 05/09/2013
Fantastic service Return to Ravnica Overgrown Tomb, etc. 01/06/2013
Great buy card was in excellent condition Magic 2013 Jace, Memory Adept (Planeswalker) 09/10/2012
great thanks, arrived quickly Innistrad Mindshrieker, etc. 02/28/2012
Good condinition, good price :) MTG Innistrad Mikaeus, the Lunarch 02/01/2012
Excellent MTG Innistrad Clifftop Retreat 01/26/2012
Prompt delivery in great condition, excellent prices Magic the Gathering Innistrad Snapcaster Mage 01/23/2012
Order came in perfect condition, only slight negative was an understandable amount of time taken. Magic 2012 Goblin Grenade 12/06/2011
The game arrived quickly and worked fine. THE LEGEND OF ZELDA (NINTENDO, 1987) NES 11/11/2011
Crappy controls. Stupid buy. But good quality and not the sellers fault the game sucks, haha. PS2 Armored Core 2 10/24/2011
Awesome seller, fast shipping, very generous!! MAGIC THE GATHERING MIRRODIN BESIEGED SWORD OF FEA 06/01/2011