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This cutting arrived rotting. It is absolutely no good.

Seller's reply: Can you send a photo?
Plumeria "Picaso" RARE Cutting 07/20/2023
We never received the order, tracking says it delivered, but no package at our doorstep or mailbox

Seller's reply: Then maybe contact USPS instead of leaving me a poor review. I am not the post office thus not responsible for their mistakes.
Plumeria "Moon Red" RARE Cutting 07/09/2023
Great seller. Would absolutely use again. Plumeria "Tangerine" RARE Cutting, etc. 07/05/2023
Product was not labeled and FedEx bag as to which colors they were looked dead Plumeria "Chelsea" RARE Cutting, etc. 05/23/2023
Very disappointed with the quality of the product. I have potted them up, dont expect them to root. Plumeria "Lady Orange" RARE Cutting 03/20/2023
Took a long time to recurve my order. It came with no paper work telling me what kind it was Plumeria "Yangse Orange" RARE Cutting 09/14/2022
Fast, easy with great selection. Plumeria "Violet Fox" RARE Cutting 09/04/2022
Labeling them would have been good. They are healthy looking enough at this time. Plumeria "Chelsea" RARE Cutting, etc. 08/15/2022
No cuttings no communication from seller.

Seller's reply: I wish I had more 150 characters to respond.
Plumeria "Lady Orange" RARE Cutting, etc. 08/06/2022
Item arrived fast and came exactly as described. Plumeria "Darth Vader" RARE Cutting, etc. 07/25/2022
I ordered 3 plants (aqua rare), tangerine and lei color ocean, no markings at all 2 plants DOA Plumeria "Aqua" RARE Cutting 07/22/2022
Thank you Plumeria "Chelsea" RARE Cutting 07/16/2022
Has it been shipped?

Seller's reply: I have your order cut and has been curing for shipping. I will be going to the post office today. Sometime this afternoon.
Plumeria "Chelsea" RARE Cutting 07/12/2022
Fast response and shipping. Healthy cuttings. Would have liked planting instructions enclosed. Plumeria "Dark Peach" RARE Cutting, etc. 07/05/2022
I am being asked a second time to rate my transaction, when I have yet to receive my products.

Seller's reply: So maybe decline to rate it instead of leaving me a poor review. Appreciate that.
Plumeria "Cotton Candy" RARE Cutting, etc. 06/21/2022
Nice huge 3 pronged bracts! Can't wait to see it grow & bloom in my lush Hawaiian garden in St. Pete Plumeria "Lady Orange" RARE Cutting 05/18/2022
Placed order 16 days ago with no response. Will NEVER ORDER AGAIN! Plumeria "Blue Lemon" RARE Cutting, etc. 05/09/2022
I will wait one more week to hear from you then I will contact PayPal for a full refund. The jagged Plumeria "Aqua" RARE Cutting, etc. 04/11/2022
Wrong phone number can't contact them

Seller's reply: not sure what phone number you called but there is no business # to call....
Plumeria "Dark Moon" RARE Cutting 03/02/2022
Have not received and it’s been over a month. No one will respond to emails!!

Seller's reply: Your order was sent withing the stated time frame. If there is a shipping issue then you need to talk that up with USPS.
Plumeria "Tangerine" RARE Cutting, etc. 12/12/2021
Easy peasy! Plumeria "Aqua" RARE Cutting 09/27/2021
I received a cutting that's stem looked like it had mold spots, and was cut and driedup on both end Plumeria "Moon Red" RARE Cutting 09/02/2021
I have tried to check on my order and have gotten no response. Going to report as a scam Plumeria "Moon Red" RARE Cutting 08/03/2021
No response from seller. Never received item. Dispute opened. Plumeria "Moon Red" RARE Cutting, etc. 07/22/2021
Cutting chopped on both ends so which side is up? Arrived in envelope with no instructions. Plumeria "Wedding Day" RARE Cutting 07/07/2021
Loved the plumeria cutting I received from eCrater! Much better then others I have ordered. ThankYou Plumeria "Butterfly Purple" RARE Cutting 06/17/2021
Have not received my order yet, has it been shipped yet? Or do you know what happened to my order? Plumeria "Lady Orange" RARE Cutting 05/30/2021
I place my order in 5-10-2021 and at this time not received Plumeria "Full Violet" RARE Cutting 05/26/2021
Cutting arrived securely packed and in good condition Plumeria "White Variegated" RARE Cutting 05/20/2021
I never received my order. Where is it? Plumeria "Bumble Bee" RARE Cutting, etc. 04/30/2021
The Plumeria cutting was in excellent shape and is doing well planted in the ground after a week dry Plumeria "Butterfly Purple" RARE Cutting 04/04/2021
I ordered two cuttings and only received one. Excessive charges on shipping.

Seller's reply: Can you send me a photo of the packaging label?
Plumeria "Full Violet" RARE Cutting 02/28/2021
Haven’t received my plants. Paid for them didn’t receive them. I am upset Plumeria "Moon Red" RARE Cutting, etc. 01/28/2021
The package finally torn. only 2 stems not 3,,, & the 2 were not even identified Plumeria "Aqua" RARE Cutting, etc. 12/30/2020
Nice big cutting. Plumeria "Dark Moon" RARE Cutting 12/23/2020
Recd my 3 Plumeria branches with about 8 “ long, one with no tip , none has name nor label.

Seller's reply: 150 characters is not enough to address all that is wrong with this feedback.
Plumeria "Super Nova" RARE Cutting, etc. 11/05/2020
This is my 3rd email to you re: my order#4892136. I only received 1 cutting when I purchased 2. Plumeria "Cosmic Violet" RARE Cutting 10/28/2020
I have received it and planted it an so far it look ok but have to wait and see how it grows Plumeria "Butterfly Purple" RARE Cutting 10/18/2020
The cutting was a good size and would recommend to others. Plumeria "Blue Lemon" RARE Cutting 10/12/2020
I received the merchandise without any label/ instructions. How do I know you shipped the right one? Plumeria "Cosmic Violet W/ Yellow" RARE Cutting, etc. 09/15/2020
I'm glad I got my cuttings but one of the tips was broken off. The seller was no help. Thanks. Plumeria "Blue Lemon" RARE Cutting, etc. 08/25/2020
I just wonder why you can't go through just to regular card and instead of going through PayPal firs

Seller's reply: Sorry I do not set that restriction.
Plumeria "Black Sugar" RARE Cutting, etc. 08/22/2020
I have to honestly say it's the worst cutting I have ever received. Hope it lives!!!!

Seller's reply: Why? You give a bad review yet do not state what the issue is? Very comprehensive.
Plumeria "Black Sugar" RARE Cutting 08/19/2020
I tried to reach out to the comoany w no response. The plumeria cutting I got looked diseased. Trash

Seller's reply: Not sure where you reached out to but I have no record of any contact from you. Not to mention you left this revie well after you ordered this plant.
Plumeria "Lei Ocean" RARE Cutting 08/12/2020
Very easy to navigate Plumeria "Black Sugar" RARE Cutting 08/10/2020
I was sent exactly what I ordered in a timely manner and will be ordering more in the future. Plumeria "Butterfly Purple" RARE Cutting, etc. 08/07/2020
I wish I could post a picture of this garbage that I was sent. Cutting looks old. Want my $ back!

Seller's reply: Customer obviously has no idea how plumeria grow outside. More over we do not clean each cutting. They are plants that are grown outside.
Plumeria "Iridescent" RARE Cutting 08/04/2020
I was expecting something better for 26 dollars... broken dried. Disappointing. Plumeria "Butterfly Purple" RARE Cutting 08/01/2020
Did NOT receive my order nor any responses to my emails. VERY BAD. DO NOT BUY.

Seller's reply: Due to the CCP virus I am the only person working. I appreciate your patience. I have responded to your email you just do not like my response.
Plumeria "Butterfly Purple" RARE Cutting 07/25/2020
Merchant does not respond to email. Only received half order and no communication back on other half Plumeria "Iridescent" RARE Cutting, etc. 07/23/2020
Nice pieces of plumeria. Can't wait for them to grow and bloom. Thank you. Plumeria "Butterfly Purple" RARE Cutting 07/03/2020
I’m so excited, I can’t wait for them to bloom. I’m going to have the most beautiful yard. Plumeria "Hattori Trail" RARE Cutting, etc. 06/16/2020
good website Plumeria "Black Sugar" RARE Cutting, etc. 06/14/2020
The description provided answers to all questions I had, and the website was easy to navigate. Plumeria "Blue Lemon" RARE Cutting 06/13/2020
Cuttings were not labeled. Plumeria "Butterfly Purple" RARE Cutting, etc. 06/07/2020
Ordered the purple plumeria, looked all over for a different color. looking forward to see flowers Plumeria "Seafoam" RARE Cutting 06/03/2020
I have not received tracking, shipmentvor response.

Seller's reply: I only have 150 chars so sorry. Short staffed and not alot of traffic from this site. Carona virus. It has shipped. tracking included.
Plumeria "Iridescent" RARE Cutting 05/24/2020